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Why Niedźwiedzka Nieruchomości

We respect your time

We live in an age of constant rush, in which the time is too precious to waste it. If you are the offeror looking for a buyer for your property, we will present you with the most advantageous clients’ offers that meet your financial expectations to save you time.

If you are looking for a property to purchase or rent, we will conduct preliminary selections of the offers, which will allow us to customize the presentation to your expectations and needs. We succeed because we can ask the right questions, listen and draw conclusions.

We provide support at every step of the transaction

Signing the contract with NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości is the beginning of the common path. If you want to sell, purchase, swap or rent a property, you do not need to know any complicated regulations, procedures or rules. Our team of real estate agents has this knowledge for you and will use it in your business. NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości assists our Clients starting with selection of the property and negotiations, to the finalized contract. We will help you to complete all of the legalities.

By request, we provide you with the property valuation, financial intermediary and notary service.

We inform you reliably and truthfully

Selling, purchasing or renting an apartment, house or land is bearing a risk. Often, until the transaction is finalized, they do not ensure that the property has all the declared advantages, which seriously affects the value of the property. You don’t buy a pig in a poke with us  Governed by the rule of honesty and truthfulness, we inform you about not only the advantages of the offer but also about its disadvantages. In that, you can make your decision advisedly and negotiate more profitable transaction conditions.

We are close to you

We work primarily in Silesia. Local and regional coverage allows us to monitor the trends and offers on the real estate market up to date. Our office is located in the centre of Katowice agglomeration. Location allows us quick and easy access to the business office, and it helps with the contact with our clients. Our website provides efficient custom services for more distant regions of Poland. On-line access enables communication at a time convenient for the customer by keeping our clients informed of our properties and services.

We care about effective presentation of the offers

The most important thing on the real estate market is information. Therefore, to reach the widest possible range of potential customers interested in your offer and to present you the offer which best suits your requirements, NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości uses advanced marketing communication tools. We prepare a separate marketing analysis for each property and we develop it in an attractive form. We present the offers not only in the form of static photos but also with video materials. In the presentation of the offers we use the variety of information channels – from traditional advertising through thematic websites to social media.

We keep you updated

NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości informs our clients up to date about their offers, whether it has been well received and how big the interest is. This requires effective communication with the real estate agents. We take advantage of the fact that every action taken in the Internet can be measured. We provide our clients with the periodic reports on action taken to acquire a contractor for them.

We care about your well-being

We provide our clients with a warm, homely atmosphere, and most of all, a professional, reliable and responsible approach on the part of NIEDŹWIEDZKA Real Estate agents. We understand your concerns and expectations and try our best to answer them.

We keep our promises

You always sign the brokerage contract with one agent of NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości, who carries out the complete service from the beginning to the end. That way, you always know who you can call or email to receive or provide additional information. You can easily find contact with a person running a specific offer – it is always next to the property card on the website. The clear division of tasks allows us to always fulfil our promises. We will return your calls and always reply to messages sent to us.

We have experience and freshness

NIEDŹWIEDZKA Nieruchomości is an experienced team of agents who decided to operate independently under their own brand. That is why we combine professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market with an approach to our work full of enthusiasm, passion and optimism. We strive to be competitive with other companies thanks to special reliability, a fresh look and customer orientation.

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